Deer Love to Eat Pumpkins

We have seen many great pumpkin carvings this year.  It seems like every year brings a new “pumpkin carving technology” that the designs just keep getting better!

So, you spend hours among hours carving these designs that become nothing other than an ever lasting image.  Then the pumpkin dies.  Well, don’t get too down about it.  Did you know that deer love pumpkins?

When Halloween is over, don’t just dispose of your  pumpkin.  You might consider using your pumpkin as trophy buck bait.  Smashed pumpkins posses a sweet kind of odor that most deer are attracted to.  Curiosity alone will draw them near.  Then, when they get their head into that pumpkin… they just can’t get enough.  Pumpkins are a great treat and usually out of a deer’s normal corn or acorn diet.  Not only that, but pumpkins can help build healthier deer and also act as a natural wormer.  This is a deer’s version of Trick-or-Treat folks… So, while they are plentiful, give them a try as bait!

Think twice before you just start throwing your pumpkins in the trash.  It might have a little more use left in it.  Can you imagine what it would be like to kill a real trophy buck with your trophy buck carved pumpkin?  Hell, you might even consider going to buy more pumpkins after today because this isn’t a joke.  Not to mention, you can get truckloads for a few dollars. Happy Halloween and best of luck!

One more thing… if you don’t want to use them for bait, at least use them for target practice. :)

You’re a VenaticFanatic.

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