What Happens to Hunting When Obama Takes Our Guns Away?

Our nation was founded on the right for it’s people to bear arms.  The Second Amendment says so. On December 15th, 1791 a group of geniuses wrote the constitution making it a RIGHT for people to keep and bear arms (Bill of Rights).

President Obama fully supports gun legislation.  At one point, he made a comment that he supported a “ban [on] the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.”  Of course he doesn’t preach that today because he would outright lose.  But, we know that he still thinks about it.  It’s only a matter of time…

Many of us have our own thoughts about this.  I won’t go entirely deep into what I think.  Quite frankly, I think he can shove it up his a$$.  Guns don’t kill people.  Ignorant people do.

So, one has to think about what happens when the President passes a gun ban… Get ready for it…

You’re a VenaticFanatic.

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